Enterprise-level, smart property solutions

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Now your property can think for itself.

Transform your industrial or commercial property–and your existing investment in infrastructure–into a truly integrated, cognitive ecosystem capable of performing seamless, intelligent actions. Make your property, a smart property.

What is a smart property?

  • Advanced security
  • An asset that learns and grows in value
  • Broader, deeper insights, greater control, more actionable information
  • Savvy expense management

Always evolving and adapting.
Always up-to-date.

Connected to a world of information in the cloud.

The brains behind your business.

(other than you, of course).

Moreover, KOGNITION™ becomes the entire central nervous system. Our innovative platform technology expands the capability of your smart devices, capitalizing on the synergies of proprietary patent-pending software, third party information and a cloud-based solution.