a smarter

  • Advanced perimeter control powered by patent-pending IoT sensor cloud
  • Proactive, autonomous patrol drones (UAV / UGV)
  • Smart device management, automation, and remote control
  • AI that gets smarter over time reducing false alarms by recognizing people, license plates and detecting abnormal events
  • Real-time, machine learning analytics for security, surveillance, property activity & logistics
  • Smart device management, automation, and remote control
  • Integrated blockchain-based smart contracts and payments
  • Cloud platform with open architecture, APIs, and SDK
  • Easy-to-use mobile app for end-users with video clips and alerts

Imagine a world in which:

Control and convenience are not mutually exclusive.

Where everything works together—seamlessly; critical information is monitored and exchanged continuously, and insight guides action.

Technology isn’t an expense, but an investment in value that acts autonomously on your behalf, and never becomes obsolete.

This is your world.

Expanding the intelligence and capability of technology for everyone