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We don’t manufacture hardware of any kind. KOGNITION™ is a team of technology and innovation experts with a single goal: unprecedented insight, control and protection for your property using your existing infrastructure investments.

Matias A. Klein

Matias A. Klein, President & CEO

  • VP, Product Management – McKesson / RelayHealth (NYSE: MCK) – Led product management and growth strategy for $100M SaaS business
  • VP, Intelligence Hub – McKesson – Business lead on next generation interoperability platform for $1B software products portfolio
  • SVP, Technology – Portico Systems (acquired by McKesson for $90M) – Led all technology operations for company, including R&D, IT, and professional services.
  • Founder, President, & CEO – Ethidium Health Systems (acquired by Portico)
Eric Smith

Eric Smith, Chief Financial & Operating Officer

  • Sector VP, Global Analytics, Thingworx, PTC (NASDAQ: PTC)
  • Chief Financial and Strategic Officer, ColdLight ($105M exit to PTC)
  • Chief Strategic Officer, TMX Communications (exit to Bridgeline Digital)
  • President and Co-founder of ESnet, Sold to DuPont (NYSE: DD)
  • Established and staffed six international offices
Bill Pocklington

Bill Pocklington, Executive Sales Advisor

  • VP, Sales, McKesson – Head of provider network management health plans sales
  • EVP, Sales, Co-Founder Portico Systems (acquired by McKesson for $90M)

Advisory Board

  • Ryan Caplan - Founder, former CEO, ColdLight
  • John Loftus - Managing Director, Actua
  • Bill Marvin - President & CEO, InstaMed
  • Ned Moore - CEO, Clutch; Co-founder, former CEO, Portico Systems
  • Scott Snyder - Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Safeguard Scientifics