Kognition to Accelerate 5G Edge Security Applications by Running Smart Building AI Platform on Google Cloud

Google Cloud

PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 17, 2021 — Kognition, a leader in enterprise-grade cyber-physical security AI for smart spaces, announced today its partnership with Google Cloud to deliver its security and safety applications to the edge with Google Cloud and Anthos. By joining Google Cloud’s 5G edge/ISV initiative, Kognition aims to transform built environments across the globe into smart, AI-enabled spaces. Utilizing Kognition’s patented enterprise AI for smart buildings and Google Cloud’s Anthos, property managers and security operators will be empowered with real-time data analytics to better protect their tenants, visitors, and employees with real-time alerts that help prevent the spread of diseases, active shooters, hacking, espionage, theft, and other high-impact dangers.

“Higher levels of connectivity at the network edge present an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of applications and advanced capabilities in AI, analytics, and more,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re excited to partner with Kognition, and to support the delivery of its innovative edge security and safety solutions to businesses with presences at the network edge.”

“The mission of Kognition is simple, to make security and safety technology more accessible to businesses everywhere. By collaborating with Google Cloud and leveraging Anthos, we now have the infrastructure needed to bring down the cost of entry for intelligent video applications in smart buildings, and more importantly to help reduce risk and mitigate security issues before they get out of hand. We look forward to this new chapter,” says Matias Klein, Kognition’s co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

About Kognition

Kognition is a leading provider of cyber-physical threat detection systems. Its patented enterprise software utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically network all existing and future building sensors to a dynamic analytics platform. Kognition’s user interface rapidly turns surveillance footage and data into actionable alerts to prevent the spread of diseases, active shooters, hacking, espionage, theft, and other high-value dangers. A growing list of Fortune 500 customers rely on Kognition’s products & services everyday for their security, pandemic mitigation, and sales/labor management needs. Please visit: kognition.ai